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What did you say?

Wadyasay you were doing today Amy Cribb
Wag / Wagged

To be absent without permission

Let’s wag school tomorrow. William Hambleton
Wally Lewis

Rhyming slang for "that will do us" when something's completed. From the Queensland League legend.

When they finished stretching the coach said, "and that'll Wally Lewis". Peter C M McCormack
Watering hole

pub or bar (frequently visited by the same group)

Let's go down to watering hole with our mates. Harald Klette

When your underwear / bathers / leotard goes into your bum

Pull out your wedgie! It's not a good look. Lisa McCarthy

Someone who is complaining.

Did you hear that whinger going on about the news. Harald Klette
Whole shebang

All of it

I decided to buy the whole shebang. Karla Beckman
Wholly snappin ducks' legs

A response of shock

Wholly snappin ducks’ legs, that bloke just missed being hit by that car. joanne hodder

Not straight, or crooked

Blow, I've put my lipstick on wonky. Anna Harris

Domestic dog

Let’s take the woofa to the beach with us. L Cropley
Woop woop

A long way away

Nah I can't drive him there. That's over near woop woop, it'll take bloody ages. Rodd Waters
Worth a shot

To try something

I don't know if it’ll work but it’s worth a shot. Ryan Sorensen
Would'nt work in an iron lung

A lazy worker.

Gees, you wouldn't work in an iron lung! Maureen Alexander
Wouldn't wear that in a blackout

When you don’t want to be seen wearing something.

Are you serious? I wouldn't wear that in a blackout! Ryan Sorensen

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