Communities across NSW are encouraged to band together on Australia Day 2019 to celebrate the importance of diversity and for everyone to share their own unique story of what it means to be Australian.

The theme for the event on 26 January 2019 is Everyone, every story.

In Australia, we all have a story. From our origins around the globe to the future we hope to build. The freedoms we hold, the communities we build and the passions we enjoy – they are our Australian stories.

We get to celebrate these tales every day. By getting out into nature or bringing the neighbours over. Joining in at the local club, street party, dance group or fundraiser. We express our customs. We share them with others: telling of our diverse experiences, passing on the learnings of ancestors, shouting our passion from the stands.

How do you celebrate your Australian story? By pitching a tent or cranking the tunes? Chasing the kids or visiting the folks? Hitting the beach or hitting a six? Bringing a plate or inviting a mate? Getting the fire to work or watching the fireworks? Baking a pav, kufi, che or baklava? 

There are so many Australian stories to discover and share, and there’s no better time to do it than Australia Day.

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