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Ham and eggs and duck under the table

Nothing for dinner

What's for dinner? Ham and eggs and duck under the table! Lisa-Gaye Williams

A 285ml (10 fl oz) glass in Darwin. See also middy, half pint, pot, ten & schooner.

Can I get a handle of beer? Damien Bond
Hang on a tick

Wait a moment

Can you hang on a tick? Jodi Fraser
Happy as a tin of worms goin fishing

Not very happy

My neighbour lost his job today. He looks as happy as a tin of worms goin fishing! Lee Partridge
Happy little Vegemite

A happy Australian

She won the raffle - so she's a happy little Vegemite! Zambella Leighton
Hard yakka

Work hard

It's been pretty hard yakka all week, let's go to the pub and grab a couple of coldies! Judith Conroy
Harold Holt


Pass the Harold Holt Fiona Barclay

To get about the house all day in your pyjamas and doing nothing of any great interest, usually after a big night out!

Last Sunday my neighbour caught me harumphing around at 3pm when he knocked on my door and I answered wearing my pyjamas. Theresa Comini
Has a smile like a split watermelon

Someone with a big smile

Look at him, he is that happy, he has a smile like a split watermelon. Leoni Aitchison
Have a crack

try to achieve something

Go on, have a crack at the high jump! L Cropley
Have a go, ya mug!

Give it a try

Have a go, ya mug! Shellee
Have a Nanna's

A light sleep or nap for a 'younger' person to refresh

I'm going to have a nanna's before I do anything tonight. Peter C M McCormack
Have a squiz

To have a look at something

Mate have a squiz at this? Do you think it’s right? Angela Coleman

A lot.

There were heaps of people down at the beach last weekend. Shellee
Hens night

bachelorette party

What's a Hen's Night without party games? Peter
Hissy Fit

Temper tantrum

He threw a hissy fit when he didn't get his way. Milli
Hit for six

to be unwell/tired

Mate I can't, I’ve been hit for six by this flu. Ryan Sorensen
Hold ya horses

Wait a minute, hang on, be patient

Hold ya horses, we'll get there soon Lorelei
Hoo roo

see ya later

I'll meet you in a week, hoo roo for now. Iain Bruce
Hooley dooley

An exclamation of surprise

Hooley dooley, see how fast that bloke was goin' in his ute! Leanne Westwood

An irresponsible driver

He drives like a hoon. Kevin Burton


Hooroo, see you tomorrow Denise

Howzat refers to the term "How is that" and is commonly used to "appeal" a decision in cricket.

The fielding side will appeal if they think the batsman is out by screaming loudly at the umpire, "Howzat". Justin Waters

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