Dawn Reflection

As the sun rises on Australia Day, the world-renowned Sydney Opera House sails will be illuminated with a spectacular Aboriginal artwork.


05:20 AM - 05:50 AM

26 January 2024


Sydney Opera House

2 Circular Quay East, Sydney, NSW, 2000

Important Information

First Nations at first light

Start the day with a reflective moment as the sun rises over Sydney Harbour on Gadigal land to honour the nation’s Traditional Custodians.

At dawn, the sails of the Sydney Opera House will be illuminated with an artwork that represents and celebrates Aboriginal history, culture and people.

Everyone is encouraged to gather on the shores around the Opera House to pause, reflect and remember as the artwork is revealed on the nation’s most iconic canvas.

During the Dawn Reflection, the Australian National Flag and Australian Aboriginal Flag will be raised in unison on top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, in a symbol of unity, recognition and inclusion.

2024 will be the fourth year a projection has been illuminated on the sails at dawn, with the event growing in importance as a way of acknowledging Australia’s first peoples at first light.

See images of Dawn Reflection projections from previous years

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