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Fair crack of the whip

Give me a break!

Twenty bucks for a salad? Fair crack of the whip! travel bug
Fair dinkum

is that true

My mate was telling me about this huge fish he caught, and I said fair dinkum mate. kylie farmer
Fair go

A chance to try something and achieve.

All they're asking for is a fair go, I think we should give em a go. Luke Bosman
Fair shake of the sauce bottle

giving it a fair go

I think you should give a fair shake of you the sauce bottle mate Reece Hall
Fair suck of the Sauce!

a fair opportunity

Fair suck of the sauce mate? Surely it is my turn! Karen Blake
Fair suck of the sav

You have not been fairly treated. You would like to get away with something you know you should not.

OI! Mate, you can’t leave your car there it is a no parking zone. "Fair suck of the sav mate I’m only going in to pick up a slab I will be 1 minute. Neal Cook
fell off his perch


Gazza won't be coming anymore; he fell off his perch last week. Esther Beaton
Fell out of the ugly tree

Not attractive

Nice guy but he fell out of the ugly tree! George R. Smith

A group of people, usually male

Hey fellas, could you give me a hand putting this tinny in the drink... Todd McGeary

A 15 fl oz (425ml) glass. Predominately Hobart usage. Mainly referred to as a 'schooner'. Also known as a pint in Adelaide.

Can I get a fifteen of beer? Damien Bond
Finch Pinchers

See Budgie Smugglers (only tighter)

Red finch pinchers were very popular with some swimmers. L Cropley
Fitter than a Mallie Bull

It infers that a person is very well health wise.

I've never felt better, in fact I am fitter than a Mallie Bull. chantalle handley

Anyone who is of higher fitness level than the general public

Oh come on! Have at least one beer ya fitto! Ryan Sorensen
Flamin' Hell

For goodness sake, oh no

Flamin' hell it's hot. Kerry Walsh

Flannelette shirt

Chuck a flannie on, it's gettin a bit cold outside. Aaron Willis
Flat chat

Very busy

Mate would love to talk but I am a bit flat chat. Alister Creswick
Flat out like a lizard drinking water

flat out, busy

I'm tired mate, so I'll pass on that. I've been flat out like a lizard drinking water all day. Ursula Hyslop
Flavour saver

Small bushel of beard directly below the bottom lip

Seen dazza lately, he's got a flavour saver these days! Ryan Sorensen
Footie / Footy

An abbreviation of the word Football (Soccer, Australian Rules Football, Rugby League)

You going to the footie this arvo to watch the Aussies? Justin Waters

To get something for free

It's as cheap as chips, may as well be a freebie! Mark Rathborne
Frog in a sock

Someone or something having very energetic, erratic or frantic behaviour

That cicada we trapped in the jar is going off like a frog in a sock! Peter C M McCormack
Full as a doctor’s wallet

Full stomach

I couldn't eat another thing, I’m as full as doctor's wallet. Leoni Aitchison
Full as a goog!

I am full from eating and/or drinking.

Mate I’ve had enough, I’m full as a goog! Ryan Sorensen
Furphy, furfie

A misleading or erroneous story

When Bruce said I was at the party, it was a furphy. I wasn't at all! John Cunningham

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