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Check out that massive kanga! travel bug

Kangaroos in the top paddock

To act, think, or behave in an eccentric, foolish, or nonsensical manner

Did you see that bloke doing a wheelie at that intersection? Must have a few kangaroos loose in the top paddock! ILDI WETHERELL

Keep your shirt on!

Hold your temper, stay calm

Keep ya' shirt on, he's only kidding. George R. Smith


restraint or preventing

to put the kibosh on an idea Alex Byrne

Killing it

Doing really well; achieving to a high standard; making the best of your situation

Besides being a competent video gamer, James was constantly killing it at the gym as well. Nick Hadland

King oath

Absolutely agree

King oath mate, exactly! Ryan Sorensen



I'd love to come over for the barbie, but I am absolutely knackered! Jessica Nielsen

Knock it off

A phrase used to put an end to an argument

How about you blokes knock it off, shake hands and get on with it. Evan Kwong

Knock off

To finish work for the day (also a copy of an object that sells for less than the original)

Let's knock off and hit the pub!

Knock yourself out

Go ahead and do what you want to

Can I have a muffin? Go ahead, knock yourself out. Milli


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