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abbreviation of "good day"

G'day mate! Gareth Cook


Silly person

He looked like a total galah. travel bug


To look at something

Hey dazza, have a gander at this! Ryan Sorensen


short (or long in this case) for the name Gary

oi Gazza! Ryan Sorensen

Gee ay!

Is that right?

'We're havin' that family over for dinner.' 'GEE AY!' Nick Kohn

Gee up

Can also mean 'is this genuine' eg: My friend told me he got $200 off the price of these jeans, is that a gee up or what?

Come on mate, gee up! Patrick Dunn

Get a handle on something

To understand something

I'm tryin' and get a handle on something, once I've got it figured out she'll be right! Jason Bates

Get off the grass

I don’t believe you. Unacceptable information

Get off the grass. They won't win the grand finale. L Cropley

Give it a burl, give it a whirl

To try something that you haven't done before

Nah, I haven't sky dived but I would give it a burl. Carolyn Thomas

Go for a row

To be in a predicament, to be in deep trouble

He's been caught speeding ten times, he'll go for a row for sure. Stuart McPherson

Goes like the clappers

To move really fast

Usain Bolt runs like the clappers mate! Ryan Sorensen


1 or 2 dollar coin

Oi, lend us a goldie will ya?! Ryan Sorensen

Good sort

Attractive man or woman.

Standing on the corner watching all the good sorts walk by. George R. Smith



Check out that dress! Isn't it Gorge? Ayesha Pereira

grass cutter

Someone is moving in on your turf

Watch out cause he's a grass cutter. Aristotle McKinnas

Grease Frisbee


Mate we've got a grease frisbee, you want some? Ryan Sorensen



Going to the bottle shop to get some grog. Shaun Cox


Someone who complains a lot

This bloke is such a grumblebum, wish he'd stop havin a whinge! Daniella Law


Long waterproof boots made of rubber (i.e. Gum boots or Wellingtons)

We've had so much rain this season I've lived in my Gumbies L Cropley


'going to' or 'going to the'

I’m gunna clean the garage. Damien Bond

Gutless wonder

A coward

Anyway I heard on the bush telegraph that he robbed some old lady, what a gutless wonder! Josh Gleeson


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