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A lazy person

He's a useless layabout. Kevin Burton

Lemon spread

Rhyming slang for head

The cricket ball hit him right in the lemon spread. Gavin Begbie

Like a bandicoot on a burnt ridge

to be alone

At lunchtime, the new boy at school, was like a bandicoot on a burnt ridge. Susan Cooper

Like a bucket of prawns in the sun

Off, smelly

Who farted? It smells like a bucket of prawns in the sun in here! Sally Black

Like a frog in a sock

To lose one's temper

Oh mate, the missus went off like a frog in a sock when she saw the mess I left in the garage. Ryan Sorensen

Like fun!

As if! / Yeah right!

He thinks he'll get away with it. Like fun he will. travel bug



I'm just going to pop some lippie on and then we can go! Alexys Mason

Lobbed up

Arrived unexpectedly

Johno' was happy when Kylie lobbed up to his party. Gavin Begbie


An Australian $20 note (called a lobster because it is orange in colour)

Mate can you lend us a lobster, I left my wallet at home! Kate Williams



Hey, you've turned lobster L Cropley



Gonna buy a bag of lollies while I'm at the shop Kerry Walsh

Long as a wet weekend

A very long time

Waiting for you felt as long as a wet weekend. Constantine Reichelt



Where’s your loo? Kerry Walsh

Lost the plot

To be beyond normal reasoning

That bloke doesn't know what he's talking about, he's lost the plot! Ryan Sorensen

Lower than a snakes belly

Someone that is not of good character.

Don't trust that bloke, he's lower than a snakes belly. joanne hodder

Lycra louts

Lycra wearing males at the gym

Mate there were too many lycra louts to get a machine. Ryan Sorensen


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