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Rabbit on / Rabbitin' on

Talks a lot

They were rabbitin' on, talking about this and that - I wasn't even listening in the end! Rodney McLeod

Rack off

Go away

I wish these flies would rack off, trying to eat my sausage sambo! Dan Graham

Rafferty's Rules

no rules at all

Let's do it Rafferty's (rules) man! Harald Klette

Rat Bag

Don’t be a rat bag and open your textbook.

Referring to a troublemaker or someone causing havoc. Maureen Olsen

Rattle your dags

hurry up

I'm leaving and if you're coming you'll have to rattle your dags! Beverley Milne


What do you think?

Do you reckon we'll win the footy? Belinda Walkom

Red Ned

Cheap red wine

Let's order some Red Ned with the meal, ya reckon? Harald Klette


A $20 note, that was printed on RED paper, prior to 'Plastic Money'. ('Plastic Money' was issued in 1992.)

Lend us a redback till payday mate? Moose Robinson

Reg Grundys


Just swim in your Reg Grundys Nathan Hackett


Car registration

I'm off to get rego for the ute. Sharon Reed



Yeah mate, he's ridgy-didge - won a silver medal at the Olympics! Louise Goodman

Right as rain

Everything will be ok

Look it's a bit buggered up right now, but she'll be right as rain come tomorrow. Loren Hill



They say "Im going to the shop", you would reply "Righto, see ya when you get back. Shaun Cox


Expert, Top man

You should have seen that ringer work. He showed the young blokes up. Kevin Burton


Fantastic, top, unreal

That was a ripper time we had yesterday, mate. michelle kitzler



A roo just jumped across the road. travel bug

Rub it in

Repeated reminder of something negative

Just because my footy side lost again doesn't mean you need to rub it in! Neville Watson


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