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Waterways and exclusions

Information for boaties about what is permitted on Sydney Harbour during Australia Day.

Planning is underway for Australia Day 2022. Details about waterways and exclusion zones will be available in January 2022.

For private boat owners and commercial operators

Boats are permitted on Sydney Harbour on Australia Day.

Be aware of that the "6 Knots No Wash Zone" and an exclusion zone impact the Sydney Harbour Bridge transit zone.

Learn more about safe boating during major events

A map of exclusion zones is available on the Transport for NSW website.

Safety on the water

With extra maritime traffic expected on the state’s waterways during Australia Day celebrations, NSW Police and maritime authorities will be out in force to ensure operators of recreational and commercial vessels are compliant with maritime laws.

Before heading out, check the vessel is in good working order, and ensure all the required safety equipment – including lifejackets – is on board.

Skippers are reminded of their responsibility to ensure there is safety equipment on board their vessels and are responsible for the manner in which their vessel is driven. 

Download the MarineRescue app from the App Store or Google Play and stay safe on the water.