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Uncool / not fashionable

Those track pants are so daggy. travel bug
Damage the Doulton

To suffer from bad stomach complaint

After that vindaloo last night I was left damaging the doulton for ages Ryan Sorensen


uze is all dardy, unna tom beyer
Date roll

toilet paper

oh no! we're out of date roll Mark Whitton

short for the name Darren

oi dazza Ryan Sorensen
Dead horse

Tomato sauce

What's for lunch? Dog's eyes and dead 'orse [meat pies and tomato sauce]. George R. Smith
Deliver the goods

Deliver what was promised.

Yeah they always deliver the goods, even if they're finding it a little tricky! Diana Borthwick

Derived from the word 'derelict'. Means an unkept person.

Get a job you bloody derro! Damien Bond

To be devastated or upset about something.

I'm sick mate, and won't make it to the party tonight. Totally devo. Sophia Robinson

An authentic afternoon tea made up of Devonshire Tea, Scones, Cream and Jam

This arvo I'm off out with the family to enjoy a lovely Devonshire!! Gavin

Australian soldier

The digger's fought in world war 2 Lorelei


Yeah mate it's dinki-di, I've got one myself! Phillip Cassar
Dirty Bird

Kentucky Fried Chicken

Got some dirty bird for dinner.... Ryan Sorensen
Dish licker

Term given to kitchen staff who wash the dishes

How many dish lickers have we got tonight? Ryan Sorensen
Dish licker

Usually means a canine/dog.

The dish lickers ate the roast, while it was defrosting on the table! (The bloody dogs ate our roast.) I done me dough on the dish lickers last night! (I lost money betting on the Greyhound races.) Moose Robinson
Do a Bradbury

When an underdog comes from behind, against all odds, to snatch an unexpected victory, usually due to an element of luck or good fortune.

Did you see Wazza pull off a Bradbury in that race? Nathan Hackett
Do bugger all

To do absolutely nothing

I'm going to do bugger all this weekend, been a bloody busy week! Lindsay Wilkes
Do the bolt

Run away

He did the bolt before I could speak to him! Ryan Sorensen
Do the Harold Holt

Get away from somewhere with speed

Once I realised that, I did the Harold Holt! Ryan Sorensen
Do their nut

To throw a tantrum

They do their nut over that! Ryan Sorensen
Do ya 'nana!

Aussie slang for "going bananas" or tantrum.

They got so angry they did their 'nana! Ryan Sorensen
Do ya' block

Explode with rage

Don't do ya' block said Davo' to his fiance when he was late for their wedding. Gavin Begbie
Dodgy Bird

any other chicken franchise

Just had some dodgy bird, I'm full mate. Ryan Sorensen
Dog's breakfast

A mess

First of all you're going to clean up your room, it looks like a dog's breakfast! Jarrod Whitfield
Dog's eye

Meat pie

'Goin' down the corner shop for a dog's eye" Ryan Sorensen
Don't get off ya bike

It is not the biggest problem in the world

Hey mate, its only a scratch, don't get off ya bike about it Dimity Jessup
Don't know him from a bar of soap

Not having any idea who someone is

That guy over there? I don't know him from a bar of soap Susie Williams
Don't make a mountain out of a mole hill

Don't exaggerate a situation into more than it is.

Its no big deal, she's just making a mountain out of a mole hill. joanne hodder
Done like a dinner

over and done with, finished, completed

That's all finished, done like a dinner. joanne hodder
Done the dash

Term used at cessation of job, life and various other situations.

He's done the dash in that job mate. Ryan Sorensen

Engine of a car or truck

My new Holden's got a V8 donk. Robin Wiley

Riding pillion on a push bike

Jack gave me a double up to the pub. Kevin Burton
Down Bessy!!

A phrase used when someone is fired up or angry.

Down Bessy! You need to calm down. Ellie Jarvis
Down the gurgler

Wasted effort, to go down the drainpipe.

We got a bit of a bum steer, now the whole thing is down the gurgler. Rebecca Johnston

term given to someone who does something of silly nature

What did you do that for ya drongo! Ryan Sorensen

Someone who isn't very smart and hasn't made it very far in life.

Some dropkick squashed a pie on my seat. Peter Arnold
Dry as a dead dingo

Extreme thirst

My throat is as dry as a dead dingo! Ryan Sorensen
Duck's guts

the best / same as "cat's pyjamas" or "bee's knees"

these were the duck's guts when they first came out George R. Smith


I'm just going to duck into the dunny, be out in a sec. Andrew Grainger

Aussie slang for a cigarette

Just going out the back for a durry. Sean Royce

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