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thank you

Ta, for that or "ta, mate." michelle kitzler


Throw a tantrum

He hit his thumb with a hammer and threw a massive tanty! Ryan Sorensen

Technicolour yawn


He had a technicolour yawn into the dunny. Tracy Harris


To make arrangements

Leave it with me, I'll tee-up a meeting with that bloke from down the road. Claire Pigram

That's the way the cookie crumbles

That's the way things are, even if undesirable they must be accepted.

If someone loses, or something goes wrong, you'd shrug and say, "That's the way the cookie crumbles." Belinda Walkom

The Dabldo Boys

Council workers repairing potholes and instead of repairing the road properly the workers fill the pot hole with a couple of shovel loads of bitumen and say, 'just a dab 'l do'.

Slow down, there’s a few dabldo boys ahead. Gordon Millar

The dog and bone

He was talking on the telephone to a friend

The young chap was talking on the dog and bone. josh dunn

The drink

Body of water

We were out in the tinny, came up a bit rough and Stevo ended up in the drink. Todd McGeary

The might of "AUSSIE MIGHT"

The great Australian Spirit or inner strength from the Diggers, Eureka, Ned Kelly, the ANZACS, Eddy Mabo, our farmers and the fair dinkum Aussie battlers, blokes or sheilas: "We never stop fighting for what we believe in".

During the war, though out numbered, our Diggers still showed the enemy the might of "AUSSIE MIGHT" AUSSIE MIGHT

Thick as a brick

Not very smart

That fella's as thick as a brick Kerry Walsh


Flip-flops, sandals

Every Australian owns a pair of thongs. travel bug



She showed a lot of ticker to win that race! Jamie Smailes

Tickets to the trots

Toilet paper

Hand me another roll of tickets to the trots please. Debbie Horrocks

Tickety Boo

It'll be ok

Don’t worry it'll turn out just tickety-boo. joanne hodder

Tickle the ivories

Play the piano

Nothin like listening to that bloke tickle the ivories, he can definitely play. Andrew Moclair

Tie one on

To have a big night of drinking

You look sick, did you tie one on last night? Mark Whitton

Tight as a fish's bum

Someone thats not very generous

Don’t expect anything from him, he's as tight as a fish’s bum and that’s water proof. joanne hodder


Small aluminium boat

Yeah, we'll just grab the tinny and go out Crabin' Todd McGeary


Can of beer

Let’s have a tinny and watch the cricket. Ryan Sorensen



Oi we're goin' to the beach, bring ya togs! Ryan Sorensen

Too right

Emphasising that something is absolutely correct.

It’s bloody hot today, mate. "Too right it is." Shellee

Top drop

A good bottle of wine

It's a bloody top drop, gettin a bit hard to find now as every man and his dog knows about it! Mark Weir

Toss the boss

Toss the boss is a drinking game promoted by publicans in Australia.

I’m heading down to the pub for toss the boss. Damien Bond

Trackie / Trackie Daks

Tracksuit, tracksuit pants, sweat pants.

I just feel like chuckin' my trackie dacks on and havin a bit of a bludge! Julien Yandell

Tribe hound

A mongrel dog

Shut that bloody tribe hound up, it's been barking all night. Kevin Burton

Truck load

A lot

Mate, that's a truck load of beer. Are you having a party? Jim Harold

Truckies tan

Where the arm hanging out a car window gets more tanned than the other

Check out that guy's truckie tan! Ryan Sorensen


Suddenly realised

He finally twigged to what was going to happen. Gavin Begbie

Two men and a dog

A very small crowd

Yeah mate it was a quiet one, two men and a dog. Corinne Hodge


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