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5 slang results starting with the letter 'e'

Esky lid


Slang for bodyboard

Used in a sentence

mate real surfers don't use esky lids eh mate!

Ryan Sorensen

Even Bradman made a duck


It's OK to make a mistake or lose a game... Even the best do it sometimes

Used in a sentence

You shouldn't complain about their performance, even Bradman made a duck you know.

Lisa McCarthy

Every Man and his Dog


A lot of people

Used in a sentence

Every man and his dog were at the footy today!

Katelynn Clark

Everyone and their mum


A LOT of people

Used in a sentence

Everyone and their mum was there, it was real hard to get a seat!

Alex Fay



A way to end a sentence

Used in a sentence

The weather is good, ey?

Hannah Hoepner