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Communities across NSW are encouraged to come together for Australia Day 2023 events across the state and participate in a program that is inspiring and respectful, rich in culture and heritage, and inclusive of all citizens.

An all-star line-up including William Barton, Casey Donovan, Shane Howard and Isaiah Firebrace will make their mark on iconic Australian hits at the 2022 Australia Day Live outdoor concert as they inspire and entertain the nation on January 26.

Australia Day in Sydney has once again led the nation in honouring the strength and resilience of First Peoples through powerful representations of culture and history. The Sydney program strives to be inclusive and harmonious on a day that means different things to different people.

For more than 30 years, on our national day, extraordinary individuals from all walks of life, travel to diverse local council events across NSW sharing insights from their varied experiences.

The campaign builds on the success of The Aussie Slang Dictionary, the most visited section of the Australia Day website. The unique dictionary has been populated by the public over many years and includes more than 430 Aussie slang words and phrases

For the first time on Australia Day, the Sydney Opera House sails have been lit up at dawn with Indigenous art as a poignant recognition of Australia’s First Nations people. Shortly after first light, the Aboriginal flag was raised alongside the Australian flag on the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

A limited number of free tickets will be made available to members of the public, joining frontline workers who have been invited to Australia Day 2021 events in Sydney next week.

Australia’s most loved maths geek, author and comic, Adam Spencer, will share his first ever road trip experience around NSW, in a new online video series that celebrates the Australian spirit as we head into Australia Day on 26 January

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