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Sambo / Sanger

A sandwich.

I'm gonna grab a sambo for lunch - you want me to grab you a pie? Linda Byrne



It's supposed to rain (this) sarvo Mark Whitton



I think the Swans are playing this Satdy wayne garner



It's pretty schmick, don't think I have seen one that flash before! Catherine Simmonds


A 350 ml (12 fl oz) glass. Derived from combining 'schooner' and 'middy'. Predominately used in Sydney & Canberra.

Can I get a schmiddy of shandy thanks. Damien Bond


A 425ml glass (15 fl oz) in Sydney, Canberra, Darwin, Brisbane, Townsville, Hobart, Melbourne & Perth. Note that in Adelaide it's only a 285ml glass. See also fifteen and pint.

Can I get a schooner of beer, thanks. Damien Bond


A very hot day

That weather bloke said it's going to be a scorcher - maybe 45 degrees or so. Diane Maroney

Scrub-headed turkey

An ugly person. A bush turkey.

He's got a head on him like a scrub-headed turkey. Kevin Burton



Take your scuffs off so I can polish them. Kevin Burton


To rapidly consume one's beverage.

Prime Minister Bob Hawke was in the Guinness Book of Records for sculling 2.5 pints of beer in 11 seconds in 1954. Damien Bond

See you round like a rissole

I'll be seeing you

See you round like a rissole peter dunn



I’m feeling seedy after mixing my drinks last night Mark Whitton


A service station, a place to buy fuel

Grab us a pack of chewie when you duck into the servo. Damien Bond

Settle petal

A phrase used when someone is fired up, angry or otherwise upset

Settle Petal! It'll be right as rain. Damien Bond


A 200ml glass (7 fl oz). Also called a 'butcher' Adelaide and a 'glass' in Perth and Melbourne

Give me a seven of coke please. Damien Bond

Shark biscuit

You're food for sharks

Look at that rookie surfer, he is going to be a shark biscuit. Scott Hruby

She'll be apples

Everything will be alright

Just give it another go, she'll be apples I'm sure. Andy Richardson

She'll be right

Everything will be fine, don't worry

Don't worry, she'll be right, mate! Joe Smith

She's cactus!

An item won't work

I tried to use the television but she's cactus! Maureen Alexander


Referring to an Aussie woman

She`s a good sheila. Evan Young


A mess

The whole thing is a shemozzle, I thought he was doing it and he thought I was doing it! Monica Sutton


A 115ml (4 fl oz) glass in Perth. See also small beer.

Who would bother ordering a shetland of beer? Damien Bond

Shin dig

A party

Bruce had a huge shin dig at his place on Saturday night. Gavin Begbie


Certainty to win something

Mate it's a shoo-in, have a lobster on it and you'll win for sure! Leanne Bell

Shoot through

To leave in a hurry

I've gotta shoot through, need to be in the city be 6. Craig Maistry

Shot Duck

tired, exhausted

Mate after all that work I’m a shot duck Ryan Sorensen

Shot tower

Toilet [bowl]

Not now, gotta go to the shot tower. George R. Smith

Show you the ropes

Show you how to do a job or task

This is Ron, he'll show you the ropes. Simone Reynolds


Term of endearment used by Australians of European origin (chiefly Greek and Italian) referring to white Australians, based on Skippy the Bush Kangaroo.

Hey skip, share some of my baklava. Karen Blake


someone who is lazy

I asked you to put the rubbish out yesterday and it's still there, you slacker. Susan Zakhia


see you later

Person 1: Gonna go home now. Person 2: Slater Person 1: Yeah slater marksy


Hard work that is poorly paid

It's like slave-labour - I've been at it for days and he's only going to give me a 50! Margo Hedley

Slow your roll

Don't get ahead of yourself, maintain a level head.

Hey, slow your roll with those shots! John Citizen

Small beer

A 115ml/4oz glass in Hobart. Referred to as a Shetland in WA.

Can I get a small beer thanks. Damien Bond


Sensitive new age guy

Wow, you're a real snag, Brian George R. Smith



Chuck a snag on one of those rolls for us, would ya! Linda Whyte

Snake Hips

Someone who is very skinny or has no hips.

Check those jeans out, haven't they got some snake hips! Matthew Wilson


To kiss. French kiss.

I picked up this chick at the bar last night but all I got was a bit of a snog. Damien Bond


A crybaby. Someone who is easily upset or who complains about little things.

Don't be such a sook, it'll be right. John Citizen

Soul case


I been working my soul case out and I'm bloody tired. Kevin Burton

Sparra's guts [sparrow's guts]


Snags, carrots and sparra's guts. George R. Smith

Sparrow's fart

Very early in the morning - just before dawn

They got up at sparrow's fart to go fishing. L Cropley



I made dinner, it’s a bit spesh. Ayesha Pereira

spewing / spewin'

Very upset, not happy

Spewin', I missed it. michelle kitzler


Insult and complain without taking a breath

Bruce copped a spray when the team lost. L Cropley

Stacks on

The act of piling on a person, for any sort of reason.

Jimbo called stacks on Billy and it was like a mountain of people. Damien Bond

Steve McGarrett

Fifty of something, mostly as a reference to money. Named from the main character in Hawaii 5-0

Can you lend me a Steve McGarret? Evan YoungCan you lend me a Steve McGarret?



Mate I got a new stick the other day, its bloody awesome. Ryan Sorensen

Stick that in your pipe and smoke it!

Ha I was right

I’m right so stick that in your pipe and smoke it Jack Allen

Sticky Beak

A nosey person

She's a real sticky beak! Donald Bender


Very hot weather

Yep, it's gonna be a real stinka today. Alicia


Someone who deliberately causes trouble

That blokes just a stirrer, don't worry about it. Hugh Spackman

Stone the crows

A total surprise, a shocking revelation

Stone the crows, I don’t believe it steve evans


An exclamation similar to 'crikey'. Usually an expression of surprise, disgust or amazement.

Strewth, where'd you get that coldie from? Strewth, you had us all bloody worried when you did show up at the footie. Justin Waters

Strike me lucky

When a person receives good news or wins money or prizes

Strike me lucky I’ve won the lotto! Ken Lee


A short glass 375ml bottle used for beer

Grab me a stubbie out of the esky. Damien Bond


Embarrassingly short/tight mens' shorts popular in 1970s

He sure looks spunky in those Stubbies. George R. Smith


A small bottle of beer

Grab us a stubby can ya mate? Felicity Kirkland



I ran across the bridge at full pelt, now I’mm bloody stuffed! Jeffrey Pont



See you sundy Ryan Sorensen

Swipe / Swiped


I left it in the back of the ute and someone swiped it! Terrence Schippers


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