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Off the wall

Eccentric or unconventional

Gee mate, she's off the wall! grace lee

Off ya chops

To be completely intoxicated

You're off ya chops! Sue Williams

Off ya' rocker!

To refer to a person who is behaving in a very strange or silly way

Gee mate, you're off ya rocker! Ryan Sorensen



Chat with my offsider, he'll work out the nitty-gritty with you. Bernadette Rainbird


Can be used in different ways, to attract attention or exclamation

Oi! Get me another beer please. Gabby Lowe

On the blink

not working, about to break-down

And just before the game came on the bloody telly went on the blink! Geread Skinner

On the outer

To be excluded

Yeah mate, they're on the outer at the moment. Steven McInnes

Once over

A quick examination of something

I'll give it a quick once over, but might have to come back later for a better look. Jenny Mc Cabe

One can short of a six pack

Basic pub insult to say someone is silly or eccentric.

They’re one can short of a six pack. Dimity Jessup

Over east

Western Australian term given to the rest of Australia.

Did you get that over east? Ryan Sorensen

Over the hill

Old and past one's best

Nan says "I’m a bit over the hill to do that". Jack Allen

Owyagoin, alright?

How are you going? Are you ok?

G'day owyagoin alright? Mark Easton


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