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Calm your farm

Relax or Calm down

'Okay, calm your farm and let's think this through,' Mitch said. 'Jase, go and get him a glass of water or something.' Jane Citizen
Can / the Can / Dunny-Can


I'll be back, just gotta use the can! Alex Fay
Cark it

To die

My bloody budgie carked it, got home after a surf and he's flat on the floor! Ernest Callaghan
Carrying on like a pork chop

Making a great fuss about something for little or no reason

He left his train ticket behind and so was carrying on like a pork chop. Brian Leahy
Cashed-up bogan

A bogan with money (often borrowed)

Look at that cashed-up bogan in his flashy Holden ute. travel bug
Cat's Pyjamas

the best / same as "duck's guts" or "bee's knees"

the new Holden/Ford/Nissan etc is the cat's pyjamas George R. Smith
Cheap as chips

Very cheap!

Yeah mate, it's cheap as chips. Got it for a lobster. Stephanie Hargreaves
Cheese and kisses (or shortened to just Cheese)

Rhyming slang for the missus

The cheese and kisses loves that shop. Lisa McCarthy
Cheese Cutters

Very narrow wheels / tyres

It's got 10 inch slicks on the back and cheese cutters up front. George R. Smith

Chewing gum

Grab us a pack of chewie when you duck into the servo and a sauso roll! Geoffrey Horth
Chicken out

Don't want to participate

When Bruce saw the size of the Rugby players he thought he had better chicken out of the game. L Cropley

Completely full

What an awesome feed! There was so much food, I'm absolutely chockers. George Krehein
Choof off

To go, leave

It's getting late better choof off - see ya tomorrow Kerry Walsh


I'm going to go feed the chooks. travel bug
Chuck a spewie

Make a U turn

Hey mate, you missed the exit, now you'll have to chuck a spewie! liz teare
Chuck a U-ey

To make a U-turn while driving

You missed it. The house was back there. Chuck a U-ey. Shilpi Singh
Chuck a wobbly

To throw a tantrum.

Yeah I had a few and when I got home the missus chucked a wobbly. Don't think I will be catching up with you blokes this weekend. James Twigg

Shoulda seen Baz chunder after all that Bundy!

Lookout, there's chunder on the footpath George R. Smith

Inappropriate comment

He dropped a clanger when he was talking about the next-door neighbours and they walked in. L Cropley


You have a bit of claret coming from your nose. Ryan Sorensen
Clear as mud

Something complicated

Thanks for explaining's as clear as mud. Leoni Aitchison

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Looking forward to going for a walk across the coathanger. Might grab some brekky at the Rocks when we get to the other side! Alastair Purcell

Australian native bird - cockatoo

What a beautiful cockie Michele Darmanin
Cold one

A cold beer

Grab me a cold one out of the fridge. Damien Bond

A nice, cold beer

Grab us a coldie can ya? This one's half empty! Christina Lyden
Cool as a cucumber.

A person who does not stress about anything.

Look at him.....he is as cool as a cucumber! Leoni Aitchison
Cop Shop

Police Station

Mate, you had better head to the cop shop to report that thieft Peter C M McCormack

Swimming costumes

Go and put your cossies on as we're heading down to the beach. Shellee
Couldn't organise a bucket of sand in the desert


Geez, that bloke couldn't organise a bucket of sand in the desert to save himself! Karen Blake
Couldn't organize a booze-up at a pub


He's SO hopeless: he couldn't organize a booze-up at a pub! George R. Smith
Crack a tinny

Open a can of bear

Feeling thirsty, think I'll crack a tinny. Kerry Walsh

In a bad mood

They're cranky because their team lost on the weekend! Anna Schiller

An exclamation of surprise.

Crikey thats an awesome ute, she's a bloody beauty! Ronald Magner


I was feeling so crook the other day I had to leave work early. Shellee
Crooked as a Dogs Hind Leg

Meaning something is not as straight as it should be

The Chair is Crooked as a Dogs Hind Leg Noeline McCosker
Cup of tea, Bex and a lie down

Someone who is very tired and needs a rest

You look buggered, I think you need a cup of tea, bex and a lie down! Evan Dunn

A cup of tea or coffee

Come over for a cuppa! L Cropley

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