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6 slang results starting with the letter 'y'

Yanking Your Chain


Mildly antagonizing one for amusement

Used in a sentence

Keep your shirt on, I'm just yankin' your chain.

George R. Smith



A loud mouthed badly dressed aussie male

Used in a sentence

he's a yobbo




A long time

Used in a sentence

Anyway they were here yonks ago, I think you best give em a call.

Rachel Lambell

You little ripper


That's great

Used in a sentence

I can't believe it, we won! You little ripper!

Paula Byron

You wouldn't be dead for quids!


You wouldn't be dead for anything

Used in a sentence

If someone is just happy to be alive they say this.

Belinda Walkom

You've gotta be jokin'


Rejecting a statement that is based on a seemingly ludicrous premise

Used in a sentence

Person 1: You know Johnno is getting married next week! Person 2: You've gotta be jokin, I thought he was still married to Shiela.

Todd McGeary