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Yanking your chain

Mildly antagonising another person for amusement

Keep your shirt on, I'm just yankin' your chain. George R. Smith
Yeh Nah

No, simply, when you want to say no, you say yeh nah.

Want to come to help me move? Yeh, Nah. Paige Totman

A loud mouthed, badly dressed Aussie male

He's a yobbo. Nathan

A long time

They’ve been here for yonks. Rachel Lambell
You little ripper

That's great

I can't believe it, we won! You little ripper! Paula Byron
You've gotta be jokin'

Rejecting a statement that is based on a seemingly ludicrous premise

Person 1: You know Johnno is getting married next week! Person 2: You've gotta be jokin, I thought he was still married. Todd McGeary

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