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Accessibility and inclusion support

We want everyone to experience the magic of Australia Day.

Planning is underway for Australia Day 2022. Details about accessibility and inclusion support will be available in December 2021.

International Symbol of Access

Events with accessibility and inclusion considerations are identified on this website with a wheelchair icon (the International Symbol of Access).

International Symbol of Access logo

The events that are running in Sydney on Australia Day have accessibility and inclusion services for people with disability and limited mobility. This provides an opportunity for as many people as possible to enjoy the day.

Changing Places

Changing Places logo

A Changing Places amenity is available at the Sydney Opera House. The amenity includes an adult-sized adjustable change table, ceiling hoists and space for up to two assistants.


For information on accessible transport, facilities and accommodation:

Australia Day 2021 is different due to COVID-19. There are no official day-time events on in Sydney. If you still plan on going to the city on Australia Day, you may find the following access maps useful:

General enquiries

For any general inquiries relating to accessibility for Australia Day 2022, please contact Karen Wade (Event Support Officer at the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet) on [email protected]