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Take the Aussie Slang Quiz

Test your knowledge of Aussie slang words and phrases with our tongue-in-cheek Aussie Slang Quiz! Take the challenge now and see what score you get. Then get competitive and share the quiz with your friends.

Question 1 / 10
What does “hard yakka” refer to?

Question 2 / 10
What time of the day is it at “sparrow’s fart”?

Question 3 / 10
What are ‘mate’s rates’?

Question 4 / 10
What does it mean to be ‘knackered’?

Question 5 / 10
In Australia, what is McDonald’s informally known as?

Question 6 / 10
What does it mean to “have a crack”?

Question 7 / 10
What is a “sanger”?

Question 8 / 10
To be “a stubbie short of a six pack” is to be:

Question 9 / 10
What was the late Steve Irwin’s famous catch phrase?

Question 10 / 10
What does “she’ll be apples” mean?