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Back of Bourke

Person 1 - "I've never heard of that town". Person 2 - "That because it's back of Bourke mate". Alex Nesbitt

Sausages (commonly found on the BBQ)

Would you like some White Crow on your Bangers? L Cropley
Barbie / Barby

A barbecue

Just getting a few mates together for Australia Day and having a bit of a barbie Blake Brooks

An ordinary person, of the working class, an underdog, stoic against life's adversity.

the battler is somebody who finds in life that they have to work hard for everything they get ... Gavin Begbie

An item of high quality

She's a beauty that one Mitch Henderson
Beauty bottler

Expresses delight or satisfaction with a situation, person or object

Mate, that new ute of yours is a real beauty bottler! Adam Davey
Bee's Knees

Something of high quality

Mate those snags are the bee's knees hey? Ryan Sorensen
beer o'clock

Time for a beer

Hey mate, its beer o'clock. kylie farmer

Someone who gets angry for no apparent reason.

I forgot to pass on the message and he just went berko! Geoffrey Saunders
best thing since sliced bread

A good invention, a good happening, something good.

You're the best thing since sliced bread. joanne hodder
Beyond the Black Stump

Middle of nowhere

We're driving out beyond the black stump Matt Passmore
Bicky, Bickie

Sweet cookie or biscuit

Choc-chip bickies, YUM! Milli
Big smoke

Big city

Hey man, were ya at the big smoke last week? Harald Klette

A minor car accident

It wasn't good, I took the old man's car and had a bit of a bingle in it. Doesn't look too bad but I reckon he'll go berko. Tim Hollows
Bless your cotton socks

Bless you. Aren't you wonderful. I really appreciate that!

Oh you put my bins out for me yesterday? Bless your cotton socks, darl! Corinne Twomey

Exclamation of surprise/disbelief/exasperation

'Blimey' mate you gave me a surprise. Kerry

Australian man

This bloke from down the road has got the most awesome ute, it's tops! Roberto Pajor
Bloody oath

yes / true

Bloody oath mate, that is so true Emma-Lee Knight
Bloody Ripper


That's a bloody ripper. Belinda Walkom

Very drunk

That guy's completely blotto. travel bug
Blow your dough

Spend all your money

I had a cracker of a day at the races, did you blow your dough? Ewen Hayek

The telephone

Mate get on the blower and tell that bloke to get over here now! Maureen Costigan

Someone who is lazy

That bloke is a bludger, seems like he spends more time sleepin than workin! Robbie Wass

To have an argument

The two blokes over there are having a blue Tracy Harris
Boat race / boat

Face, in rhyming slang

Wipe that smile off your boat! George R. Smith
Bob's your uncle

Said to conclude a set of simple instructions or when a successful result is within reach

Stick all the ingredients in one pot, boil for 30 mins, blend and bob's your uncle ... delicious soup. William Malcom

A 170ml (6 fl oz) glass in Perth. Also referred to as a six, which is the commonly used term in Hobart.

Why would I order a bobbie of beer? Damien Bond

Not well made or done

That was a hell of a bodgie job, ya reckon. Harald Klette
Bog roll

Toilet Paper

when ya go to the shops, grab some bog roll ok? Ryan Sorensen

An uncouth or unsophisticated person regarded as being of low social status.

Mate, what a bogan! Ryan Sorensen
Bondi Tram

moved quickly

He shot through like a Bondi Tram. Harald Klette

Very good.

The sheila's cooking was bonza. Gavin Begbie

a bit of a thicko

strewth, old Bluey's fallen in the creek again, what a boofhead! matty jerwoodo

large kangaroo or actually anything extra-large, like massive waves.

Going surfing with your mate. Let me show you where the boomers are. Harald Klette

Liquor shop

Going to the bottlo-e for some alcohol. Shaun Cox
Box Seat

Best seat ever, sitting on the esky at the party.

Mate, yeh yu on the box seat, can you chuck me a coldie please. Harald Klette
Brass razoo


It's not worth a brass razoo. Kevin Burton
Brekkie, brekky


Let's go for a quick surf and then grab some brekky. Wesley Maguire


Grab a brolly it'll be wet out. John Citizen

meaning you have no chance of it happening

you have buckley's chance of that happening cinzia w
Budgie Smugglers

Male swimming costume

C'mon, get down to your budgie smugglers Nathan Hackett

Term of frustration

Oh, bugger it! Bugger! What a bugger! Ryan Sorensen
Bugger Off

Go away

Bugger off, mate. michelle kitzler

To bully or intimidate someone

Stop bullyragging me! Julie Dunne
Bum steer

To deliberately mislead someone

Yeah looks like they've given us a bit of a bum steer, now were completely lost! Steven Robinson
Bush bashing

To go off-road via all forms of transport

Me and my mates are going bush bashing this weekend Ryan Sorensen
Bush blow

To blow one's nose without a tissue

I didn't have a tissue, so I had to bush blow Ryan Sorensen
Bush pig

An ugly, ill-mannered person. A feral as opposed to a domesticated pig.

He behaves like a bush pig. Kevin Burton
Bush telegraph

Gossip or rumours

Heard on the bush telegraph you're coming down to Sydney on the weekend. Want to catch up for some brekky or a barby? Roberto Milne
Bushman's Clock

Kookaburra (everyone Aussie knows her) she's laughing at sunrise and sunset

Do you want me to set the alarm bro? No mate I've got bushman's clock, you know! Harald Klette

A look [butcher's hook - rhyming slang]

Have a butcher's at this! George R. Smith

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