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Pack it in

To give up on something

Mate I’m gonna pack it in for the day. Shannon Rowland

Pat Malone

Rhyming slang for on your own.

I went up the coast on my Pat Malone. Gavin Begbie



Luv a bit of old pav. Yum! Roger Mackenzie

Peanut Gallery

Someone or several people watching others and not doing much. Usually not helping if they could be.

What are you doing here like a peanut gallery? Grab a shovel and start digging. Cherie Dupont


Something very impressive

Strewth, look at that pearler in the garage! Nathan Hackett

Picking a winner

Picking your nose

Looks like that bloke's picking a winner. Lisa McCarthy


Aussie 50 dollar note

Sorry mate, all I got is a pineapple. Ryan Sorensen


A 570 ml (20 fl oz) glass. In Adelaide it is referred to as an 'imperial pint', with a pint being a 425 ml glass.

Can I get a pint of beer? Damien Bond


To leave work early on a Friday. Piss off early, tomorrow is Saturday.

Come on, let’s go to the pub, it’s POETS day. Jim Harold


Person from the UK

He's a pomme, visiting for a holiday. Vicki Stebbins



Geez mate, you pong! travel bug


A 140ml (5 fl oz) glass. Also called a Five in Townsville or a Horse in Melbourne.

Can I have a pony of shandy? Damien Bond


Suitcase or school bag

Get that port out of the hall before someone trips over it! Kevin Burton


A 285ml glass (10 fl oz) in Brisbane, Hobart and Melbourne. See also middy, handle, half pint, schooner & ten.

Can I have a pot of beer thanks. Damien Bond


Person who has a little too much to drink

Bluey was a real prawn when he drank too much! L Cropley


Pregnant, with child

The missus is preggers with our second kid. Jane Citizen

Pull your head in

Mind your own business

I just think you should pull your head in, if they wanted you to know they'd tell ya! Tim Larsen

Pull your socks up

To smarten up or improve

You've gotta pull your socks up, this just isn't good enough! Kevin Hollows

Pulling Your Leg

misleading one for amusement

He's only pulling your leg. George R. Smith

Put a sock in it

stop talking

That bloke is such a loudmouth, I wish he'd put a sock in it! ILDI WETHERELL


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