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Australia Day Address 2020 by Grace Brennan

Grace Brennan, founder of the #buyfromthebush social media campaign, delivered the Australia Day Address at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music on Tuesday, 21 January 2020.

The Address draws distinguished members from the community to express their unique perspective on our nation’s identity and the diversity of our society.

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Grace Brennan is the founder of the #buyfromthebush social media campaign, which supports rural communities facing drought. 

Grace grew up in Sydney and now lives on a sheep and cropping farm in Warren, NSW with her husband Jack and their three children, Eliza, Maggie and Charles. She is the Co-Founder of AgDraft, an employment platform for agriculture, and has a background in community development. 

In October 2019 Grace founded the #buyfromthebush campaign. The initiative celebrates the creativity, innovation and ingenuity of people in rural communities and calls on people in the city to invest in bush business as a means of supporting the survival of rural communities into the future.

Grace is passionate about the power of positive storytelling and community-driven change.