NSW Premier’s Australia Day Message

Each year, Australia Day provides an opportunity to reflect on our values as a state and as a nation. These values are often called out as freedom, opportunity, a fair go and togetherness. In 2021, we can add resilience and strength as key pillars of Australian life.

The past 12 months have seen a range of unique challenges confront our state. Whether it was drought, bushfires, floods or pandemic, NSW faced a year we never expected. Through adversity, we have seen heart-warming responses among our communities. There have been countless acts of heroism among our frontline and emergency workers, kindness from strangers, and public generosity. So many have contributed to improve others’ lives. As Premier, I am truly proud of our innate ability to look out for one another and help those doing it tough.

As our challenges continue, our national day is a time to celebrate our solidarity and our resilience as we reflect on a shared sense of hope and purpose. It is this community spirit that gives us strength to steer NSW through the difficult periods and acknowledge our successes.

Our national day also shines light on inclusion for all people, from the first Australians to new citizens. We can all draw on the strength of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who proudly represent the longest surviving culture on the planet.

For new citizens, Australia Day is an opportunity to celebrate their contribution to our nation’s identity.

Australia Day will be different in 2021. Events are scaled down and COVID Safe and there will not be the large, public celebrations with which we have become accustomed. This doesn’t take away from the importance of the day we celebrate. We can reflect on what we can continue to achieve and how we are shaping NSW for the better during these unprecedented moments.

Happy Australia Day!

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