About Corporate Club Australia

Corporate Club Australia has established itself as the premium business network for organisations seeking to support Australian values.

For more than 20 years, Corporate Club Australia members have united behind a fundamental belief that corporate Australia can make a meaningful contribution.

Through events and programs which celebrate our unique culture and diversity, these organisations are committed to fostering the Australian spirit.

We invite you to join the Club in 2023

Leading the way for Australia

Corporate Club Australia attracts members from many different backgrounds and industries including corporate and government organisations based in NSW, nationally and internationally.

Members are part of a broader network comprising sponsors and supporters, representing a dynamic and engaged group interested in exploring our identity.

The Corporate Club Australia 2023 program features the Australia Day Reception which provides members with a premium hospitality experience as well as a unique networking opportunity.

Corporate Club Australia is an initiative of the NSW Government and Australia Day Council of NSW.

Australia Day in NSW Partners