Multi-Factor Authentication

You can use multi-factor authentication (MFA) on this website to protect your account. MFA is sometimes referred to as Two Factor Authentication (2FA) or Time-based One Time Password (TOTP)

Your passwords can become known to third parties through many methods, including using a common password, re-using the same password on multiple websites, or by having your password stolen. 

When MFA is turned on for your account, you will be asked for your password and a code provided by an authentication application.

Anyone who gains access to your password will not be able to gain access to your account unless they also have access to your authentication application. 

The setup process only takes a minute or two.

To set up your authentication application, you will first need to install your preferred application on your device. There are many MFA applications, the following list shows the most popular:

Application Compatibility Link Allows code backups
Authy Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Linux Authy Download Yes
Google Authenticator Android, iOS for Android
for iPhone and iPad
Microsoft Authenticator Android, iOS Download


Auth0 Guardian Android, iOS for Android
for iPhone



Once you have installed the application, follow the instructions it provides for adding a new account.

This will involve pointing your device camera when prompted at a QR code shown on this website during the setup process or entering a code if your device does not have a camera or you cannot use the camera.

Once you have created the account in the application, this website will prompt you to enter a code shown on your device to complete the process.

When the setup process is completed, on subsequent logins you will be asked to provide a code from the MFA application on your device.

Be aware that if you lose your device or reset it, your settings will be lost. To avoid this happening, save the backup codes provided during the setup process in a safe place or in a  password manager. You can also use an MFA application that provides backups.

If you are locked out of your account due to the incorrect code or password being entered, you will need to contact your website administrator to initiate a reset process.

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