♿Accessibility and inclusion information

The Australia Day Council of NSW strives to ensure all activities and events are accessible and inclusive so everyone can enjoy the magic of our national day.

On this page, you will find information about the measures we have put in place to support those with physical, cognitive, sensory or neurological considerations.

Designated accessibile viewing areas

Designated accessible viewing areas at key locations, that have a clear path of travel from major transport hubs are provided for accessibility guests and their family, friends, and carers at the following events:

  • WugulOra Morning Ceremony, Walumil Lawns, Barangaroo Reserve
  • Australia Day Live – Fireworks, Maritime Show and Concert on the Big Screen at Hickson Road Reserve, Overseas Passenger Terminal and Western Broadwalk of the Sydney Opera House
  • Australia Day Live Concert (limited free tickets available) at the Sydney Opera House Forecourt and Upper Podium

Registration for accessible viewing areas is now closed.

Pick up and drop off points

Accessible pick up and drop off points are available at the following locations for patrons to drop off their passengers. These locations are no parking zones or special event clearways so persons utilising these areas will be required to move on a soon as they have dropped off their passengers.




The Rocks

Harrington St – western side (in front of Clock Tower Square)

All day

Circular Quay

Cnr of Loftus and Reiby Place (coach layover area)

(Turn left in Reiby Place and then left on to Pitt Street)

All day

East Circular Quay

1 Macquarie St – western side (Aria Restaurant)

Before 7:30pm and after 10:30pm

Terms and conditions of entry
  • Access to the Circular Quay precinct will be via security check points, where 100% visual bag inspections will be carried out for the safety and security of all visitors and patrons. This may include electronic screening so please be patient and allow extra time.
  • This is an outdoor event and there will be no shelter available. The performance will proceed in all-weather, so we encourage patrons to come prepared with protective clothing and sunscreen. Please look for the following signage for priority queues for accessibility guests at security entry points.

Prohibited items
  • Alcohol
  • Flammable devices (flares, fireworks and smoke bombs)
  • Glass
  • Drones or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)
  • Umbrella
  • Illegal substances
  • Laser pointers
  • Sharp items including knives
What to bring
  • We recommend you bring a water bottle, hat, sunscreen and clothing that provides weather protection including wet weather protection.
  • There will be food and beverage outlets so please bring a credit / debit card.
  • Water bottle refilling stations will be available at key vantage points.
  • Please be advised that seating will be provided at all accessible viewing areas.
Getting there

Public Transport

Public transport is the best way to get around on Australia Day with major transport hubs within a short walking distance to key events. Extra public transport services are running to help you travel to and from Australia Day celebrations.

Circular Quay is the closest transport hub with frequent trains, buses, ferries and light rail services. Alternatively, Wynyard, Martin Place and St James transport hubs are also within walking distance. Some transport services will be affected by exclusion zones on the harbour and road closures.

For more information, please see www.australiaday.com.au/information/public-transport.

Road closures
Road closures will be place in the city on Australia Day. For more information, please see www.australiaday.com.au/information/road-closures/.

Wheelchair Accessible Taxis

For information on wheelchair-accessible taxis, see the Transport for NSW website. Zero 200 is a centralised booking service for wheelchair-accessible taxis in Sydney https://www.13cabs.com.au/zero200/ or you can call 02 8332 0200

Quiet space

Sometimes events can become very overwhelming for a person with a sensory disability. With all these sounds, smells and sights to see, it can sometimes overload a person’s thought process with the overstimulation of their senses.  Quiet spaces are designed for anyone needing a short time away from the stress and stimulation of an environment. It allows them to feel relaxed, supports people to calm down or feel safe to meltdown.

We will provide two quiet spaces on Australia Day at the following locations:

  • Inside the Sydney Opera House, Tide Room – 5:30pm – 10:30pm
  • Bligh and Barney Park (near Cadman’s Cottage) – 10:30am – 10:30pm
Visual story

A visual story is a step-by-step guide designed to help those with autism or sensory sensitivities to prepare them for a new environment or situation, which can reduce anxiety and stress.

This was developed in collaboration with Autism Spectrum Australia to assist our guests with what to expect upon arrival and what they might experience throughout Australia Day, to mitigate potential sensory triggers that are likely to occur throughout the event.

To download the Australia Day 2024 Visual Story, click here .

Site entry and paths of travel

Entry Points:

  • Overseas Passenger Terminal Guests – West of Wharf 6 Circular Quay
  • Hickson Road Reserve – West of Wharf 6 Circular Quay
  • Sydney Opera House Guests – East of Wharf 2, Circular Quay

Distance of travel:

  • Circular Quay to Overseas Passenger Terminal viewing area is 500 metres (6 min walk)
  • Circular Quay to Hickson Road Reserve is 950m (11 min walk)
  • Circular Quay to Sydney Opera House viewing areas is 600 metres (8 min walk)
  • A priority queue for accessibility guests will be provided at all security entry points.
Wheelchair charging station

We know some power-wheelchair and scooter users also need access to power for the purposes of recharging their power-chair battery. There will be charging points at both the Sydney Opera House and the Overseas Passenger Terminal. Guests can ask our friendly volunteers on the day if they require this consideration and please also refer to our accessibility and inclusion map for further details of the locations.

Accessible amenities and changing places amenities

Portable accessible toilets that consider wheelchair users will be provided at all major hub areas for AustraliaDay.

Changing places amenities will be available in the Sydney Opera House, on the Box Office Level and on the western side of Circular Quay. These amenities provide an accessible toilet, adjustable change table and enough space to allow people with high support needs to have their toileting needs met in a safe and dignified manner.

Assisted animal area

For guests who will be bringing their assistant animal to the Australia Day Concert, there be an assistant animal spending and water station area at the Sydney Opera House.

'On the day' contact

For more information, please contact Karen Wade, Event Accessibility and Inclusion Officer, NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet, on 9228 4613 or email on [email protected].

Accessibility and inclusion map

To download a copy of this map to your device, click here .

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