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Sydney Harbour day-time program

248216 Credit The Australia Day Council of NSW Photographer Gareth Christian AD16

Sydney Harbour day-time program has been cancelled

Sydney Harbour day-time program is finished


All Day

26 January 2021


Sydney Harbour and Circular Quay foreshore

Important Information

Australia Day 2021 activities and events will be significantly different to previous years due to COVID-19.

Some of events traditionally held on Sydney Harbour on 26 January are not going ahead in 2021. These include:

  • Ferrython
  • Harbour Parade
  • Tug and Yacht Ballet
  • Tall Ships Race

Day time activities on Circular Quay foreshore will also not be taking place. 

We look forward to welcoming these events back in 2022.


What's on in 2021

The Salute to Australia will be held at Government House Sydney (rather than on Sydney Harbour and the Circular Quay foreshore). It will be a private ceremony and is not open to the general public. We encourage you to watch this ceremony on ABC TV or iview.

Other events that are on in Sydney Harbour are: 

For private boat owners and commercial operators

Boats are permitted on Sydney Harbour on Australia Day.

Be aware of that the "6 Knots No Wash Zone" and an exclusion zone impact the Sydney Harbour Bridge transit zone.

Learn more about safe boating during major events

A map of exclusion zones is available on the Transport for NSW website.