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by: The Old Bird’s Bolt For Sydney

The Old Bird’s Bolt For Sydney

To really sample the slang used across Australia it is important to take a trip down the great Aussie frog and toad. This lightning bolt trip, from Darwin to Sydney, provides an opportunity for us to explore some of the idiosyncrasies around the country.

by: Savanah B

Strayians are the best!

A poem dedicated to how awesome we are!

by: Stephanie A

A day in the life of a missus and the blokes

Food and a good old barbie bring everyone together but sometimes the blokes just need a little help to organise and I love being that person to bring it all together. Once everyone’s had a feed their all ready to get on it!

by: Ella Birch

Ella’s Aussie Slang

Getting ready for a cracking arvo at Nanna’s

by: Jacki M

Socks Up Year

Happy Australia Day
Come on Aussies Come on

by: Caitlin F

Dad goes berko when he discovers one stubby short of a six pack

Dad discovers one stubby short of a six pack.

by: Jacki M

Who needs a hammer?

This is a fair dinkum tale of our recent camping trip, when Al forgot to pack a hammer, and had to find a rock to hammer the pegs in. The actual rock was actually painted and given to a rely for Christmas present as a joke, with instructions for its…

by: Coops F & Daisy

Me Budgie Smugglers 🩲 will steal your thunder

Coops @coops_blading and Daisy @mypawfectpaws lazy avo at home.

by: Coops F & Daisy the Spoodle

Me Budgie Smugglers will steal your thunder rap.

Coops F @coops_blading and Daisy the Spoodle @mypawfectpaws lazy avo at home.

by: Caitlin F

Don’t call me an ankle biter

Caitlin arcs up for being called an ankle biter.

by: Andrew H

Straya’s Slang STARS

The symbolism of the Australian Flag with some slang terms about our culture.
Our Aussie STARS mascots meet and greet the community with Hi5's and Smiles.
STARS activate the community with FUN.