Message from the Premier

Premier BerejiklianMessage from the Honourable Gladys Berejiklian, Premier of NSW: 

On Australia Day, we take time out to celebrate what makes Australia one of the best places on the planet – our people.  

On Australia Day, we celebrate the timeless Australian values that we share as citizens of this country - values based on freedom, opportunity and service, which allow all of our citizens to have a good quality of life and aspire to be their best.  

Day in, day out, as I travel around NSW, I see these values embodied by ordinary Australians in every community – whether they are relatively new to this country or can trace their heritage back hundreds and even thousands of years; whether they are young or old or live in the city or the country.

That special spirit of shared values and shared opportunity has enabled my own family to have the chance of a better life, and creating these opportunities for others is what drives me every day as Premier.

Australia Day is when we renew our commitment to these values that have strengthened and shaped our nation. To use the example of the many great Australians who through their own kindness or selflessness, provide support and inspiration to so many others. 

Australia Day is a time for both celebration and reflection: to value what we have and to think about how each of us can contribute to supporting our local communities and build a stronger Australia.     

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