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Wellington: a real regional gem

With agriculture making up a big part of Australia’s identity, chances are you may know someone who grew up on a farm. In this episode Adam makes his way to a mate’s farm in a real gem of regional Australia — Wellington.

Life on the land

With so much of our national prosperity coming from agriculture, Australia is renowned for “riding on the sheep’s back”. But life on the land isn’t easy.

During Adam's road trip, he made a special stop in the picturesque town of Wellington to visit Tom Power, an old mate who gave up the city-slicker life for country living. Tom is one of many farmers whose property was ravaged by severe drought. However, with the help of the local community, Tom's drought stricken farm transformed to lush green paddocks, in only 12 months.

Meet Tom, hear his story, and see his gorgeous farm in the video above.

Get a taste of country life

Even if you’re not lucky enough to have a mate who owns a farm, there’s still a way to give your kids some quality farm time during the family road trip. Farm stays are a popular choice for families looking to give their kids a taste of country life. Not only are farm stays affordable, they:

  • take you away from the hustle and bustle
  • let you get up close and personal with animals
  • give you as much activity or down time as you need.

Find the right farm stay for you and your family or friends.

About Wellington

To find more things to do in Wellington, visit the Official NSW Tourism website or the Wellington Visitor Information Centre.

Safety first before you go

Staying safe is important for any road trip. Check out our top safety tips before you start planning. 

Stay COVID Safe on the road

Check regularly for what you can and can't do under the rules, health and wellbeing advice, case locations, symptoms and testing clinics. If you feel sick, delay your trip and get a COVID test.

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Adam Spencer driving cartoon car

Note: Adam Spencer is an Australia Day Ambassador. While the NSW Government paid Adam to appear in the “Love an Aussie Road Trip” video series, Adam and family paid all their own expenses. Adam and family did not accept any gifts. The inclusion of tourism operators and businesses in the video series and on this website is not an endorsement.