Official Rules for Backyard Cricket

Voted by all of our fans on social media, here are the rules to back up your argument if things get ugly in the backyard.

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Rule #1 – One Hand One Bounce

We all know that one hand one bounce means out. This not only applies to objects the ball bounces off - like the fence, the garage, grandma etc, but also the ground! Maaate you’re out! 

Rule #2 – Six and Out

When the batsman cracks that ball over the fence that’s six runs and out plus responsibility to fight the neighbour’s dog to collect the ball.

Rule #3 – First Ball

Yeah nah it was the first ball! It’s all good mate you can’t get out on the first ball!

Rule #4 – Dogs as Fielders

Let that mutt in, he can be one of the fielders! It’s the fielder’s job to chase the dog when needed and the bowler’s job to clean the slobber.

Rule #5 – Legs Before Wickets (LBW)

LBWs are in! But only if you don’t play a shot. We all know someone who’ll pad up to any ball in line with the stumps – send them back to the pavilion!

Rule #6 – Auto Wicky Keeper

No two ways about it - a nick behind automatically counts as out! 

Rule #7 – Tip and Run

We all know the words ‘run’ and ‘fun’ don’t go together but the ‘tip and run’ rule must be enforced. You better smash that ball to the heavens.

Rule #8 – BBQ

If the ball hits non-playing guests, an in-use BBQ, or the person in charge of the snags and chops, then the ball is not automatically out. Play on!

Rule #9 – Batting to Bowling

You can’t go directly from batting to bowling. You have to spend a couple of overs (at least) toiling in the field! So go on, grab another sausage sanga, you don’t have to run just yet!

Rule #10 – Mum and Wives

It goes without saying that friendly sledging is always encouraged during a good game. Mums and wives are not off limits. 

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