Hints and tips

Explore these top tips on how to make your entry really stand out.

Here’s what you need to do to impress the judges and make your entry really stand out. Go from Bogan to Bonza.  

Top tips to create a cracker of an entry

  • One minute to win it: Make sure your video comes in at 60 seconds or less. Anything over a minute and it won’t be considered. 

  • Use the slang: There are more than 430 words and phrases in the Aussie Slang Dictionary. Pick your favourites and use them cleverly.
  • Original only: Make sure your song, poem or rap is your own work and only contains your original music. We don’t want any copyright issues with non-original music.
  • Go it alone: Make sure it’s a solo effort and you’re the one who basks in the limelight. We can’t have group entries.
  • Crank up the wow factor: Dress up or pull in a few props to liven up your entry. Don’t be shy. Give it a red-hot crack.
  • It’s all about the content: If you can’t sing or write a song, don’t worry. You can always perform a poem or an ode and read it out loud. It doesn’t matter what you do, it’s how you use the slang that really matters.
  • Grab your favourite instrument: If you choose to sing a song, remember it has to be your own original work. You can always strum on a guitar or tinker on a keyboard for some background music to the clever and funny lyrics you’ve written.   
  • Keep it above board: Don’t perform anything rude, risqué or offensive and avoid swearing so your video will be accepted. Clean and family friendly is the way to go.
  • Make it funny: Hilarious moments will be judged favourably.

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