Dodecalis Luminarium

Dodecalis Luminarium


26 January 2020
All day


Tumbalong Park, Darling Harbour, NSW, 2000

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Explore an immense, radiantly lit, inflated labyrinth of winding paths and soaring domes in Darling Harbour’s Tumbalong Park.

Wander through the otherworldly interior, bathed in the radiant colours of daylight shining through its translucent fabric. 

Architects of Air create enormous air-filled domes and mazes inspired by natural forms, geometric solids, and Islamic and Gothic architecture.

Designers Alan and Meko Parkinson’s creation expands on the geometry of a dodecahedron, with three jaw-dropping Dodecadomes joined by a web of tunnels, awash in intense, neon-bright natural light.

Explore the sensory wonderland for free or skip the queue with a Priority Ticket.

A Sydney Festival event. For more information visit


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