Warren Chad (Lachlan Shire)

It’s not often you find a builder with a keen interest in bird watching, but for Warren ‘Chaddy’ Chad, it’s a passion he’s keen to share. 

Warren is a birdwatcher and wildlife photographer who’s spreading awareness of the natural environment. Whether it’s talking to schoolchildren, hosting birdwatching breakfasts, using his photography to help preserve native habitats or working with government agencies to protect wetlands, Warren plays an important role in helping his community care for the land that sustains it. Warren’s primary objectives are to create awareness, develop interest, and encourage participation from local community members in protecting and maintaining our natural environment.

All Warren's initiatives have developed a groundswell of public interest in the Lachlan Shire. His efforts mean many local farmers now contribute bird sightings, identifying new locations of threatened species that were previously undiscovered.

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