Dianne Davison (Port Macquarie-Hastings)

In the heart of Port Macquarie lies a beautiful headland garden, Mrs York's Garden, which overlooks the river mouth. It was created by Bertha York in the 1960s but had fallen into disrepair and was overrun with weeds. Thankfully, Dianne Davison and the Friends of Mrs York’s Garden (FMYG) took up the challenge of transforming it into a safe, attractive space that can be enjoyed by many.

The restoration journey commenced in February 2015, and has now included five years of labour and planting of native species. As with any garden, it is an evolving project requiring ongoing commitment and improvement. In 2019, this hard work was acknowledged with Dianne and the FMYG being awarded the NSW Keep Australia Beautiful Habitat and Wildlife Conservation Award.

Today, Mrs York’s Garden is a place of natural beauty where visitors can come for exercise, recreation and tranquillity. And Dianne has played an amazing part in making it happen. 

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