Nicole Palmer

Cleaning up Australia needs determined people in every city, town and village. The small village of Buxton, within Wollondilly Council in the Macarthur Region, has a champion in Nicole Palmer. Nicole is a community leader seeking solutions for litter reduction.

For the past three years Nicole organised Clean Up Australia Day in Buxton. Nicole was determined to ensure Buxton’s park had more bins to deal with the litter problem. So, she set out with a friend to count every piece of litter in Telopea Park and then in Thirlmere Park. Through this research, a carefully written grant application and a lot of advocating, Nicole earned Buxton four new bins to help deal with the problem. Nicole is also leading on other community project – teaching children in play groups about recycling, reusing and ensuring we are responsible with our waste. As Secretary of Buxton Community Association, assists with the building of the Buxton Community Garden, that will inspire the community to reduce green waste and create more sustainable living.

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