Helen Webb

Dumaresq Creek runs through the heart of Armidale. The creek has faced many threats over the years. Fortunately, the creek has had many advocates and in recent years Helen Webb has been a warrior amongst them, working hard for the good health of the creek. She has voluntarily devoted many hours per week of her time to following up native plantings, helping to ensure their success.

As well as weeding amongst planted species and replanting areas that had not thrived, she has fostered regeneration of naturally occurring native ground cover species by hand-weeding and mulching to suppress weed growth hence minimising the use of herbicides and their adverse effects. Inspired by the work of others she has in turn encouraged other local people to help her with the maintenance work, forming a Landcare group called the Peoples Park Group to complement the planting work already being done along the creek by Armidale Urban Rivercare Group (of which she has been an active member for 11 years, Armidale Tree Group (currently a Board member) and the High Country Urban Biodiversity Project. In fact, over 130 people have joined her efforts and donated around 1500 hours of their time over three years to date to help keep the creek alive and well.

Helen has continued to advocate for the health of the creek, by collecting and documenting the plant and animal species, including pests and weeds that occur and made submissions to Armidale Regional Councils landscape management strategy. She maintains a good working relationship with other community groups and stakeholders such as Clontarf, Jobs Australia, Work for the Dole groups, schools and the University all for the benefit of restoring and maintaining a thriving urban waterway.

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