Brynn Kidman, Snowy Monaro Regional Council, Bombala

Like NSW towns, heroes come in all sizes. The little village of Cathcart lies between Bombala and Eden. One of its youngest residents, six-year-old Brynn Kidman, is determined to do his part to clean up Cathcart. When he learned about the Return and Earn, Brynn set out to collect aluminium cans and take them to the collection points at IGA Bombala and the Woolworths store in Cooma.

Brynn didn’t stop with just one load of cans. He rallied his family to recycle and donate to his cause. He raised awareness around him, growing his recycling network to include his extended family and the wider community. Brynn started his own Facebook page 'Brynn's right on Recycling’ and at the last count, through his massive efforts, Brynn had recycled over 30,000 cans with more than 12,000 ready to go. Brynn set out to do his small share in cleaning up, but it’s clear he’s doing a giant part in protecting the environment.

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