Ariana Goanta, Blacktown City Council

Ariana has long been passionate about sharks. When her teacher asked her Year 2 class whether they thought sharks should be culled, Ariana was the only one to fight for their protection. In 2016, she founded Ariana’s Ark to conduct outreach and education in communities.

Ariana’s Ark sheds light on the importance of oceans and the protection of marine animals. Ariana travels to events to advocate for whales, dolphins and most importantly, sharks. Ariana also highlights the impact of plastic in the ocean and the importance of recycling. She introduced Return and Earn at her school. Ariana now has a vision for protecting the oceans by taking Ariana’s Ark into schools to spread the word further amongst her peers. By doing this she can ensure there are many more young warriors ready to stand up and fight for our planet.

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