Amanda Price and Nundle Primary School

Helping to protect the environment should earn more than acknowledgement. At the Nundle Public School near Tamworth, they proved this. Teacher Amanda Price encouraged students in Year 3 and Year 4 to collect bottles and recycle them through Return and Earn. Students learned to take better care of the environment and raised around $1000 to cover much of the costs of a school excursion.

This small project grew into something greater. The parents in Nundle got involved, many making the 50-minute trip to Tamworth to deliver their bottles to the Return and Earn facility. The school continues to collect for Return and Earn but now do far more. Students began writing to local businesses to encourage them to get on board. They collected lids from bottles to make artworks and are even making movies about saving the environment, whilst continuing to fund their school activities through their recycling.

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