Alexis Bowen

Campbelltown City Council

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Alexis Bowen created The Bin Chicken in 2020, a local business committed to reducing the amount of Campbelltown’s recyclable material entering landfill by improving the ease of recycling and investing profits into the local community.

During evening walks with her children in Eschol Park they saw a lot of litter which they picked up. Within 5 weeks they had collected more than 5,000 single use drink containers as litter. This prompted the start of The Bin Chicken recycling program.

The Bin Chicken has motivated its local community to recycle their drink containers by using their free recycling program. The program has collection points at day cares and sporting clubs in the Campbelltown area as well as collecting from residents at their homes. The containers are collected from these locations on a monthly basis, and a portion of the refund is returned to the sporting clubs and day cares.

The Bin Chicken shows the community that recycling holds value by using the 10c refund from the containers to run the Community Pantry and Recycling Hub located in St Andrews. This hub is free for the community to access any time, for those in need of pantry staples and has improved access for “hard to recycle” items for example; used oral care items, blister packs, bread tags and many more.

The Bin Chicken hopes to encourage other recycling champions to establish more recycling hubs in other suburbs of Campbelltown, using the St Andrews hub as a model.


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