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Sydney Harbour

The world's most beautiful harbour turns it on for Australia Day.

Sydney Cove, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia



The world’s most beautiful harbour turned it on for Australia Day as patrons turned out in droves to enjoy the sunshine and events. Folks were treated throughout the day to marine feats of precision, beauty and fun, ranging from the Tug and Yacht Ballet, Tall Ships Race and the Ferrython.

The day was also dotted with respectful tributes to our Indigenous land and people, from the WugulOra Morning ceremony which began the day, to Smoking and Sunset Ceremonies.

The wonderful weather made it all the nicer to be on the Harbour, and we’re sure our Great Aussie Swimmer’s appreciated the sun after they finished their race! The Lord Mayor’s Citizenship Ceremony followed by the Salute to Australia also proved to be outstanding, and gave great context to what it means to be Australian.

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