Ambassador Program

High achieving and inspirational Australians visit local government areas across NSW to celebrate Australia Day


Proudly sponsored by Woolworths

Over 160 of our highest achievers – from sports heroes to celebrities, business leaders to cultural and medical pioneers – will proudly take part in the Australia Day Ambassador Program by visiting more than 150 Australia Day celebrations throughout New South Wales. These inspirational Australians will deliver a keynote address that captures what it truly means to be Australian. It promises to be an exciting and uplifting experience for people of all ages.

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The History of the Australia Day Ambassador Program
The Australia Day Ambassador Program began in 1990 in New South Wales with nine Ambassadors. From there it grew steadily, and in 1996 was introduced into Victoria. In 2003, the Australia Day Ambassador Program expanded into Tasmania and the ACT and the first Ambassadors took part in Queensland celebrations in 2005.

26 January 2008 saw the program go fully national, with Ambassadors participating in the Northern Territory, South Australia and Western Australia. The Australia Day Ambassador Program continues to be one of the most successful initiatives on 26 January each year, thanks to the support and enthusiasm of our Ambassadors, who volunteer their time and energy to bring an extra element of celebration to Australia Day events, as well as to their host communities. The participation of an Australia Day Ambassador in community events is regularly named as one of the highlights of community celebrations.

The sponsor of the Australia Day Ambassador Program
The Australia Day Ambassador Program and its growth to all Australian states and territories would not be possible without the support of the program sponsor, Woolworths. Woolworths has generously sponsored the Australia Day Ambassador program since 2001, and it is through their ongoing support that local communities are able to enhance their celebrations by hosting an Ambassador. In 2011, over 200 Woolworths local store managers took part in welcoming Ambassadors to their community celebrations.

What does an Australia Day Ambassador do?
The activities of Australia Day Ambassadors on Australia Day are as diverse as the communities which host them. Ambassadors may officiate in judging competitions, such as a pie eating contest, present Australia Day community awards, help cook a barbeque, or present certificates at citizenship ceremonies. Ambassadors are also asked to give an address that captures the spirit of being Australian. Ambassadors will meet local members of the community, get a flavour of life in a different part of their state or territory, and be inspired by the enthusiasm that communities large and small have for celebrating what’s great about Australia.

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